Coal Car C80- Da Qin Railway - Model Asia 4370107


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Railway company:Da Qin Railway

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The C80 coal car is produced by the Asian model has restored the structure of the vehicle to the greatest extent at a ratio of 1:87. Its detailed features are as follows:

1. Bogies: The bogies of the C80 coal car fully restored the details of the real K6 bogies, such as the basic braking device and the cross-beam composition, which other brands overlooked, especially the composition of the bogie side frames, which are also clear Some relevant text of the bogie is printed; at the same time, on the wheel part, the simulation of the concave part of the inner rim part is done. Each bogie is matched with a special copper sleeve to ensure the stability of the vehicle during operation. Before leaving the factory, the C80 prototype was tested on the European Fleischmann roadbed rails (which is a track brand that is not friendly to American train models) for more than 1,000 hours of continuity testing under 10-section marshalling, although the minimum curve radius is R2 and In the case of some complicated intersections, it still shows continuous and stable quality.

2. Car body: The C80 coal car model refers to a lot of pictures and drawing information, and it shows the bathtub structure at the bottom and the aluminum alloy car body very well. The car body is characterized by a large number of rivet structures. For this reason, we personally measured the number of rivets in the whole car and the distance between each other to achieve a high degree of simulation; the design of the coal seam cover refers to the actual transportation situation of the Chinese railway, that is, all The coal carried by the vehicle is subjected to a high degree of crushing and water spraying to form a slurry shape, so as to stick together as much as possible to prevent it from falling out during transportation. Under the coal seam cover that may not be seen by ordinary players, we have also restored the 3 in-car support rods in the real car, giving the player a unique feel.

3. Couplers: Taking into account the needs of real car marshalling scenes, the C80 coupler adopts a design that conforms to the American train model standard, making it more stable in large marshalling operations.

 4. Coating: C80 is currently the largest stainless steel coal transporter in China. We have chosen several representative coatings for interpretation, which can meet the needs of players in various scenarios. At the same time, the color of each painting is formed after several color card comparisons in the factory.


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Coal Car C80- Da Qin Railway - Model Asia 4370107

Coal Car C80- Da Qin Railway - Model Asia 4370107

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